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George Hanson

I'm a website developer and designer with over 10 years experience based in the United Kingdom.

I'm George Hanson

I'm a Website Developer and Designer from the United Kingdom

I've got over 10 years worth of experience in building websites and web applications. I've worked on everything from small brocure websites, to large e-commerce websites and everything in-between. I have a strong attention to detail and can be a bit of a perfectionist.

I share a variety of content in my blog, including tips, tricks and guides on building and developing websites. I also contribute to open source packages on GitHub, including my own packages.

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George Hanson
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My Skills

As a full stack developer, I have a broad set of skills for both front end and back end development. Acompanying these developer skills, I also have experience and knowledge of server management and web hosting.

Website Design

Website design is my bread and butter. Building responsive, high performance websites and user experiences is what I'm best at.


PHP is my back-end development language of choice. I always strive to write clean and maintainable code, following design patterns when they best suit.


I've been developing Laravel applications for years and have a thorough understanding of how the framework works. Using Laravel allows me to build powerful web applications and websites.


I write all of my JavaScript using the latest ES6 standard, then use Webpack to compile it down to all-browser-friendly ES5. I have extensive experience in using both vanilla JavaScript as well as frameworks such as Angular, VueJS and React.


VueJS is my JavaScript framework of choice. I use it to build powerful single page web applications, designed to provide a great user experience. VueJS also allows me to easily build native mobile applications using NativeScript.

Web/Mobile Apps

Web and mobile apps are all the rave these days. I have built and worked on a variety of web and mobile applications, both using JavaScript frameworks like VueJS and Angular as well as "traditional" web applications.

Latest News

I post articles on development and design guides, tips and tricks. Here are a few of my most recent blog posts.

Your Website Isn't Converting Because of User Experience

Your Website Isn't Converting Because of User Experience

You've got an amazing website, looks good and you'd think it should work. But it's not converting? If that's the case then this is the blog post you need to read.

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Zero Dependency Toaster Notifications

Zero Dependency Toaster Notifications

Toaster notifications are small, popup-style notifications that appear in the users browser. In this post I will explain how to use toaster notifications without any dependencies. Read more to find out!

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How important is speed for your website?

How important is speed for your website?

Okay, so the question is, is speed important for your website? Well, the answer is simple yes! Everyone knows that. However, how important is the difference between a 1-2 second loading time and an 8-9 second loading time?

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